Sep 25, 2015

American - albanians intellectuals: Sulejman Rexhepi synonymous of corruption and organized crime

(With reference to the last article of Sulejman Rexhepi titled THE IMPLICATED, published in macedonian portals) 

After a relatively long silence, Sulejman Rexhepi was presented with an "authorial" article, being motivated by some published "bombs" which pose him as the Macedonian secret service collaborator, under the pseudonym “ZHARKO”!

Sulejman Rexhepi does not react at all to whoever strongly transmits these "bombs", does not deny any of the facts and arguments which demonstrate that the above mentioned person has been involved in the country’s spies’ structures. He does not react against any facts for his current associates, as well as his friends, does not react against the facts which demonstrate theft, corruption and systematic destruction of the IRC. Of course, he will react only when he will be denounced and the mask of the alleged patriot will be torn away pitilessly! He succeeded to pass as "national" and deeply "pious by playing all dirty games on the backs of the Albanians and the Muslims of the country!
The writing style, the time, the language and the approach followed for hermetic sealing of his false personality, show that he is on the verge of withdrawing. It's a matter of time but he will take off, leaving the IRC in pieces. He is expecting the people’s voice, a collective forgiveness, a rant "we have forgiven you" and only then he will get away with a relief of the soul from an unimaginable weight of the honest country Muslims toil.  In vain, he will never hear this voice. Or it may sound as hallucination, and certainly not as the voice of the people!

Only those who try to escape from the network of spying are the implicated ones

Sulejman Rexhepi tries to persuade the general public that he is a victim of secret services, precisely because of "his great patriotism"! So many troubles it has brought to the official Macedonian politics as now they retaliate over him!  In other words, the secret police structures now actually are applying the method of compromising his personality! This is the last method of these services; they apply it when they cannot have in their pocket someone! Where I live they say "beat about the bush"! Yes, this is true but, talking about this method there is another truth which rejects all the columnist efforts of Sulejman Rexhepi in his recent article, which sounded more a farewell than an explanatory article! The police compromising is repeated twice or thrice, enough to make a man useless.

The compromising method is applied and exercised by the secret service only against rebels of active informers. Essentially, police structures find a willing person to spy on voluntary basis. Afterwards, they invest in him/her until that person becomes a skillful "whistler". Therefore, different benefits are offered to them until quite unexpectedly one individual rebels and try to run away from these services. Consequently, the method of compromising starts to be exercised until total elimination of the person from the social scene. Hence, Sulejman Rexhepi has been attacked so much and so often with these "bombs" as he has angered the Macedonian secret services, trying several times to run away from them, since these services have not ever deactivated him.  These services have invested so much and have increased all the benefits to Sulejman Rexhepi in order to become procurer inveterate and not a "great patriot"! And so, they attack him whenever he "opposes" and leave him quiet during the period he  keeps informing them, whenever he is involved in anti-Albanian political games, whenever he damages the waqf for the entire IRC collapse. Only these days it has been said that there are about 2000 "bombs"  dedicated to Sulejman Rexhepi  only, that can harm many people who are affiliated to him, being those, his companions, politicians of the country; they can degrade any national project, any initiative where he has been involved. But which is the reason behind this? Apparently, a decision has been taken to publish all these "bombs" until Mulla Sula’s resignation. Why this systematic campaign against him? Is "rebellion and escape" from the Macedonian secret service actually in question or is there something more reasonable and rational which makes Sulejman Rexhepi’s disappearance  from the scene inalienable.

Corruption, organized crime, terrorist acts...

The corruption and organized crime in which is involved Sulejman Rexhepi are activities which are becoming very serious issues to relevant factors who are putting pressure on state institutions as well as  political parties to send  Sulejman Rexhepi  the soonest possible before the juridical institutions; similarly to Italian  "bosses" for smuggling whiskey in 30s in America. Already, it's a public secret the enormous enrichment of Sulejman Rexhepi through corruptive activities, his wealth extends even in oversea account banks, being co-owner of the hotels and the restaurants even outside Macedonia.  The next step of every remarkable "boss" with corrupt wealth is to establish his personal "army" with security guards who are equipped with guns and who smuggle weapons. The terrorist acts are simple! Even the gun shooting  of the security guard of Sulejman Rexhepi, Rexhep Zimeri, against the IRC’s employees who do not obey  to the criminal activities of Mulla Sula. Sulejman Rexhepi and his collaborators equipped already with weapons, may create a "heap" bandits and criminals who would be willing to be exclusively at service to protect their "boss", Sulejman Rexhepi, in theft, extortion and corruptive enriching of the Rexhepi family. Therefore, this is more worrying and not “patriotism”or “jihadism” of Sulejman Rexhepi.

Another fact that obliges certain state structures to attack so much Sulejman Rexhepi is his tendency to affiliate with an absolute easiness to different political parties, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds. Through his political loyalty he is able to ensure convenience for his corruptive and criminal activity, thus becoming an influential factor, where in most cases he  decide who should win on their own grounds. Recently, he was captured doing propaganda and attempts to establish a headquarters office for the LSD on their own grounds. He might even have   already promised to LSDM the victory, although this might cause bloodshed, since LSDM has promised him to silence the “ZHARKO” file.  Exactly, this already tested willingness of Sulejman Rexhepi, to distort political outcomes even though causing bloodshed through criminal groups that he controls and finances with the money generated by the IRC’s waqf, concerns too much the  country and international relevant factors. Therefore, they have decided to support any method that drives him out from the social scene. For the moment, he is the most isolated and most overlooked "factor" one can find in Macedonia.

 Until the next election, out of which Sulejman Rexhepi expects significant political overturn that will let aside his police file (!), there is a quite long time and his file will be read continuously. Many people will find themselves in uncomfortable positions, very unpleasant stories will come up, the women, sons, and grandchildren of the large family will be ashamed from the anti-national and anti-Islam image of Sulejman Rexhepi. “Bombs" could reveal even actions that can lead Sulejman Rexhepi behind prison bars, therefore it's up to him to choose when these "bombs" will explode. Certainty, without any doubt that Sulejman Rexhepi will also be subject to investigation by the Special Prosecutor, Mrs. Katica Janeva. The moment he resigns from his post all the "bombs" will be silenced, because there would be no reason any more to follow someone who is the shadow of himself.

Time to move away: all fighting the plague

Of course, if he would not take the step of immediate withdrawal and he further insists to violently to remain in the social scene, then we would be faced with two other critical moments: first, it would be implied that Sulejman Rexhepi is hostage to corruption and criminal groups towards whom he has financial obligations resulting by dirty money and, secondly, due to being hostage to these criminal schemes, he feels no sense of respect towards his large family. His family in no time will soon understand his position and will turned its back from him and denounce him publicly. All those who will support and will not distance themselves quickly from this monster of the IRC, including muftiates and other coordinators will be treated as being held hostage by the tentacles of Sulejmani Rexhepi, or being captured in the network of organized corruption and crime from this plague of the society.
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